Cybersecurity – Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

Information and data are key to the success of every type of business or profession. Cybersecurity framework compliance standards are being rapidly deployed across all business industries to meet the requirements of the government and private business sectors. Small to large multi-national organizations are faced with the technical challenge of implementing and managing one or more of the myriad of compliance standards published to provide goods and services to the government, healthcare, energy, utilities, engineering, industrial and financial business sectors.

For example, the Government requires all contractors to implement NIST 800-171 to ensure the security of Controlled Unclassified Information. Large organizations in other business sectors are requiring their consultants, vendors and suppliers to have documented proof of a cybersecurity plan to conduct business with them and ensure the security and viability of the organization.

Adjuvant Consulting has the expertise to navigate through the complexities of implementing a cybersecurity risk management framework compliance program. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to quickly assess the unique business model of an organization, to develop and implement a cybersecurity plan. Adjuvant’s team can design, implement and train employees and IT personnel of an organization on the following compliance standards;

NIST 800-37, 800-171, 800-53

Adjuvant Consulting applies a governance risk compliance methodology to write, implement and manage compliance standards. Our team begins by conducting a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s;

Organizational Structure
Operating Policies and Procedures
HR Security
Quality Assurance
Information System Security Plan – Security and Access Controls
IS Incident Management – Mitigation and Reporting
Network Systems – Security Appliances, Servers, Computers, IoT, etc.
Cloud Storage and Computing
Physical Security
Support Functions
Employee Awareness Training Program
Interview Management and Employees
Third Party Relationships – Subcontractors, Suppliers and Vendors

The results of the assessment are one of several elements used by Adjuvant’s team to design and write a cybersecurity plan, guide and train the organization’s IT personnel and employees. After the successful completion of a project, Adjuvant staff are available to answer technical questions and provide guidance for a long-term cybersecurity vision for your organization.

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